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Our Fleet

transport międzynarodowy Poznań
transport międzynarodowy Poznań

Our varied fleet of vehicles allows us to transport almost any load

DAT Logistics has a fleet of above 100 trucks. Some of our trucks are adapted to carry ADR dangerous goods. Some of our cars are equipped with elevators

We employ experienced drivers, thanks to whom the fleet is used effectively. Cars are equipped with an integrated GPS system, allowing for ongoing communication with the operations center, which constantly monitors all processes related to the transport performed.

Truck 3,5t


l: 2,48 m / w: 2,2 m / h: 2,5 m

Solo truck 7,5 T – 15 EP


l: 6,2 m / w: 2,48 m / h: 2,65 m

Mega trailer lorry – 33 EP


l: 13,6 m / w: 2,48 m / h: 3,0 m

A transportation company perfectly suited to your business!